CPO’s OTC Range of Products

productsCPO has a wide range of more than 50 OTC (over-the-counter) products pertaining to lifestyle problems. These products can be easily purchased at any of our clinics. The products are available in different sizes. The range includes the following products:

Product Code Product Name
E-KN001 Knee Brace
E-KN002 Knee Brace with Patellar Opening
E-KN006 Patellar Tendon Support
E-KN035 Functional Knee Brace
E-KN052 Hinged Knee Brace
E-KN058 Wrap Around Hinged Knee Support
E-KN093 Post OP Knee Brace-Lite
E-KN260 Knee Support
E-KN751 Hinged Knee Brace
E-KN036 Unlimit S1 OA Knee Brace
E-KN038 Conquer OA Knee Brace
E-EL002 Tennis Elbow Brace
E-EL006 Padded Tennis Elbow Brace
E-EL092 ROM Elbow Brace
E-EL201 Elbow Brace
E-WR002 Wrist Brace
E-WR052 Wrist Splint
E-WR062 Wrist Splint with Thumb
E-WR120 Functional Position Splint
E-WR121 Cock-up Splint
E-FS005 Fold-Over Finger Splint
E-FS006 Mallet Finger Splint
E-FS002 Toad Finger Splint
E-WR007 Thumb Brace
E-AN043 Ankle Brace with Strap
E-AN055 B Air Ankle Stirrup Brace
E-AN062 Functional Ankle Brace
E-AN250 Ankle Support with Silicone Pad
E-AN301 Ankle Brace
E-WA052 Abdominal Binder-3 Panels
E-WA105 Lumbar Sacro Support -12 “ Height
E-WA105 -10” Lumbar Sacro Support -10 “ Height
E-WA108 Lumbar Sacro Orthosis
E-CH001 Hyperextension Brace
E-BC001 Back Cushion
E-RC001 Ring Cushion
E-WA112 Thoracic Lumbar Sacro Orthosis
E-WA113 Dorsal Lumbar Back Support
E-RB001 Rib Belt for Men
E-RB002 Rib Belt for Women
E-AR003 Mesh Arm Sling
E-AR005 Shoulder Immobilizer
E-SH003 Over Shoulder Humeral Brace
E-CL005 Clavicle Splint
E-SH001 Neoprene Shoulder Support
E-CO001 Foam Cervical Collar
E-CO002 A Cervical Collar with Trachea Opening
E-CO003 Rigid Adjustable Collar
E-CO006 Cervical Collar
E-SI002 Silicone Heel Cup for Spurs-Central
E-SI004 Silicone Heel pad
E-SI021 Full Length Silicone Insole
E-TS001 Toe Crest Cushion
E-TS002 Toe Separators
E-TS003 Toe Separators
E-TS005 Bunion Shield with Loop
E-TS010 Last Toe Shield
E-HV001 Bunion Night Splint

For more information on the OTC range, please call our Customer Relations helpline at 011-64000-250.

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