CPO’s Foot Care Program

cpo-foot-care-blog-bannerThe CPO Foot care program alleviates pain from a host of pathologies. We offer custom made foot orthotics that is made from special grade EVA material.CPO has installed its state-of-the-art foot scanner at various clinics. The foot scanner can evaluate your foot and help in making customized foot orthotics to make your life a lot easier.

CPO Digitizer

  • The scanner uses the most advanced technology to take a 3D impression of your foot. The software helps in modifying the scan and making necessary adjustments to it.
  • It provides flexibility to take semi and full weight bearing position scans with precision in just a few minutes.
  • The CAD-CAM machines help make custom made foot orthotics (insoles).
  • The special grade EVA material has been designed as per the weight-size-activity-pathology ratio, hence assuring accuracy and precision.
  • The final result is a “customized insole” which you can place inside your shoes for the utmost comfort.

We use the most advanced technologies to create customized foot orthotics for the following disorders:

• Flat Feet

• Mechanical Low Back Pain

• Halus Valgus

• Inflammation of Ligamentum Patallae

• Diabetic Foot

• Plantar Fascitis

• Tendonitis Achilles

• Morton’s neuroma

• Tibialis Posterior

• Tibialis Anterior

• Peroneals

• Metatarsalgia

• Cavus Feet


CPO also offers the following foot products:

•Customized Insole

•Sure Step


O Big Shot

O Advance AFO



• Foot Drop Splint

• Diabetic Shoes

• Silicon Insole / Heel Pad

• Toe Separator



Q: My Heels pain when I put my feet on the ground first time in the morning. What should I do?

Ans: Consult your doctor. Probably you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. You need a biomechanical correction rather than a medicinal, treatment. Medicines only provide a temporary relief from pain. It is specifically important if you suffer from recurrent fasciitis.


Q: How do I correct Flat feet?

Ans: Flat feet is a condition wherein your feet pronates (rotates inward) excessively. To correct the situation, you need to realign you feet in a neutral position. Try some exercises recommended by your podiatrist and wear a customized insole at all times.


Q: I am a diabetic suffering with neuropathy in my feet. How can I prevent this situation from getting worse?

Ans: Neuropathy makes your foot insensate to pressure. Yours is a dangerous situation as it can lead to a micro trauma and joint injury to you foot which is likely to cause harm. CPO Foot Care program helps you prevent this at the early stages of its development by aligning your foot in a neutral position and distributing you weight evenly.


Q: My forefoot hurts while standing and walking. Am I suffering from a medical condition?

Ans: Yes, you must consult your doctor immediately for you may have developed Metatarsalgia. Ignoring the condition may further affect the joints and knees. The situation cannot be treated with medicines, hence a biomechanical correction and even weight distribution is recommended for you.

If you need more information on the Foot Care program, please call our Customer Relations helpline at 011-64000-250.

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