Artificial Limbs

Each year, tens of thousands of amputations are performed in India. Some are performed because of vascular diseases, some due to trauma and others due to cancer, congenital diseases or diabetes. We understand the problems that arise with the loss of a limb or multiple limbs, and that’s why we help restore mobility and function to your arms or legs. People want to go back to a life where they can walk, run, go up and down the stairs and play sports. We offer advanced and customised prostheses/artificial limbs like the iwalk, the c-leg and proprio foot that would help you do all of those things and more. We also help you get back the functionality of your arm and hand, with the help of prostheses like the myoelectric arm, the i-limb and bionic arm. You can hold, pick up, throw and push things with the help of the prosthesis. We make sure that you have the best that there is, and then help you with the fitting, rehabilitation and care.

Upper Extremity Artificial Limbs

Upper extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations. With the advancement in technologies over the years, we can now fit you with prostheses that help you with activities and lets you carry on with your life in the way you want. Visit our Upper Extremity Prosthetics section for more information.

Lower Extremity Artificial Limbs

Lower extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of lower limb amputations. All kinds of leg functions can be restored to you with the latest technological prostheses. We also help you walk properly with the appropriate prosthesis, at our rehabilitation centre. We look forward to seeing you go about your life with the utmost freedom.For more information visit our Lower Extremity Prosthetics section.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy involves treating post surgical scars and edemas with the help of elastic bands and compression garments. CPO helps people heal faster post amputation. Visit our Compression therapy section to get better knowledge about it.


Post amputation rehabilitation as well as post prosthetic rehabilitation is very important for you. You need to be able to train your body to work as well as you did before the amputation. Our trained professionals at CPO help you convalesce and at the same time help you get back on your feet so to speak. Visit our Rehabilitation section for more information. CPO is an established Prosthetic centre and we pride ourselves in providing the best all round prosthetic care.

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